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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

50x75cm 19x29 inches £20.00
50x75cm 19x29 inches Pillow Pair £37.00
50x90cm 19x35 inches £25.00
50x90cm 19x35 inches Pillow Pair £45.00

Item Description

Filled with revolutionary Dacron Suprelle Fresh Tencel Eco fibres. Luxury Soft Pillow reduced to only 19.99 in standard size for a cool refreshing night's sleep.

In terms of touch and feel the unique Suprelle and Tencel blend of fibre is the best we have encountered in all our years involved in the bedding industry. Soft, light - impossible to describe in words how far Dacron technology has come in terms of producing a truly wonderful micro fibre filling..

Suprelle Fresh fibres offer both a high void hollow section and three dimensional crimp. The result is a highly breathable and quick drying fibre with a specially designed surface to allow excellent air circulation.

The Tencel Eco fibre is from a natural source (cellulose derived from wood) and is an extremely fine fibre with a terrific capacity for moisture absorption. Tests conducted at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany showed moisture vapour take up was 57% better than a standard polyester equivalent product.

Kinder on the environment, Tencel Eco contributes 30% less to global warming and requires 20 times less water than cotton.

Manufactured in Scotland, we are happy to offer a 7 year guarantee on your Suprelle Pillow.

Size: 50x75cm (Standard UK Size) - we are however able to supply in any size required.

Care instructions: Washable to 30 degrees.

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