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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

50x75cm 19x29 inches £160.00
50x75cm 19x29 Inches Pillow Pair £310.00
50x90cm 19x35 Inches £210.00
50x90cm 19x35 Inches Pillow Pair £400.00
50x100cm 19x39 Inches £220.00
50x100cm 19x39 Inches Pillow Pair £420.00
65x65cm Square Continental £210.00
50x107cm 19x42 Inches £240.00
50x183cm 50x72 Inches £300.00
80x80cm £350.00
50x60cm £140.00
50x70cm £150.00

Item Description

Siberian Goose Down Pillow 100% Pure - the perfect pillow. Fill power of 800 ensures your pillow will not go flat and offers beautiful soft support all night long.

Any sizes available including Bolster pillows - please feel free to call for a quotation.

Manufactured in Scotland to the highest standards, this is a fantastic pillow which will give a lifetime of pleasure. Siberian Down is known for it's unique properties of warmth, softness and loft.The quality of pure down sourced by our manufacturer is aimed only at the very top hotels worldwide.
This pillow gives unequalled support and retains it's loft unlike many inferior products - enjoy that same luxurious feeling night after night.

The pillow is generously filled with luxurious 100% Siberian Down encased in a fantastic 300 Thread Count cover.

No fancy packaging - just an out and out exceptional pillow which never fails to draw positive comments from our customers.

Guaranteed for 10 years.

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