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Item Description

Comforel from Dacron is one of the finest fibres available. A high void fibre is produced in fluffy balls to give a sensation of real goose down! Soft, supportive and warm, it is the perfect luxury filling for a fantastic topper!

Using genuine high quality branded materials like Dacron Comforel ensures that your mattress topper is not only of a far higher quality than other products on the market, it will also retain it's loft and body for many more years.

The depth is 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm) and the casing a high quality soft and durable 243 thread count 100% cotton cambric.

Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

75x190cm £85.00
80x200cm £90.00
90x200cm £97.50
100x200cm £102.50
120x190cm (For Four Foot Mattress) £105.00
140x200cm £140.00
155x190cm £145.00
160x200cm £150.00
170x200cm £160.00
187x200cm £165.00
180x213cm £167.50
193x203cm £170.00
200x200cm £175.00
200x215cm £180.00
215x215cm £185.00

Customer Comments

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