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Item Description

Manufactured for "" in Austria by one of the finest producers of luxury duvets in the world.

Everything about this duvet is simply a delight - from the presentation down to the finest detailed stitching.

Bamboo makes for the most unique filling when converted to fibre - soft as can be, highly absorbent and offering genuine properties of temperature regulation.

The 2.5 Tog weight is a super light 180grm2, with the 9 tog weighing 430grm2.

The duvet drapes wonderfully. This is due to both the extreme softness of the materials used coupled with unique 'Body fit' stitching on the duvet which is literally shaped to fall around you.

The outer casing is woven in-house (this particular Sateen fabric is much sought after and has a high thread count of 300 threads per square inch) - it has a glorious touch. To further complement the softness and for added well-being and skincare, an Aloe Vera treatment is added to the fabric.

Fully washable at 60 degrees this duvet is particularly recommended for City use during hot months.

Guaranteed for ten years.

Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Single (135 x 200cm / 53 x 78 inches (3 Foot Bed))

Bamboo Duvets 2.5 Tog Single £100.00
Bamboo Duvets 9 Tog Single £145.00

Double (200 x 200cm / 78x78 inches (4 Foot 6 Bed))

Bamboo Duvets 2.5 Tog Double £145.00
Bamboo Duvets 9 Tog Double £170.00

King Size (225 x 220cm / 89 x 86 inches (5 Foot Bed))

Bamboo Duvets 2.5 Tog King £170.00
Bamboo Duvets 9 Tog King £205.00

Super King (260 x 220cm / 102 x 86 inches (6 Foot Bed))

Bamboo Duvets 2.5 Tog Super King £200.00
Bamboo Duvets 9 Tog Super King £225.00

Customer Comments

G. Kelly London

C Robinson Devon

Ron Francis Essex