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European 100% Pure Duck Down Pillows

Our duck down duvets are hand filled in Scotland

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

50 x 75cm £60.00
50x75cm Pillow Pair £110.00
65 x 65cm £85.00
50 x 90cm £85.00
50 x 100cm £90.00
50 x 180cm £150.00
50x75cm Slim Pillow £50.00
50x90cm Slim Pillow £75.00

Item Description

Whisper it - my favourite pillow at amazing prices for 100% Pure down.

See for yourself what genuine fill power married to a pillow filled with only soft down is like...

Manufactured to the highest specification- a Down proof 100% Cotton Cambric 300 thread count German woven casing is the perfect complement to this terrific product.

The true mark of a great down pillow is softness and support that stays the same night after night after night. We specify that all our pillows should contain a nice generous filling.

As with all products purchased from you are covered by our no quibble returns policy.

Upon receipt of your pillow, allow it to air and rest in a nice warm place for 24 hours. This will allow the pure filling to recover all it's magnificent loft.

If there is one pillow in our range which is recommended it is this one - it does not disappoint!

Machine Washable..

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