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Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Count Pewter Bedlinen

Hand Stitched in Portugal - Delivery 24 to 48 Hours

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Item Description

Exclusive Luxury Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Thread Count bed linen is a celebration of the art of old fashioned genuine quality bedding. Thread count and origin of yarn is not in itself an indication of superior quality bedlinen - one touch of this quality and you will realise we are offering something special and unique.

If you have ever stayed in one of the top hotels in the world or indeed Egypt itself, you will know what to expect....

Colour is a striking shade of pewter.

Sourced directly from the very finest of Artisan European weavers and finishers this bedlinen is uniquely supplied to the finest boutiques throughout the world - only available online from The Duvet Store at a fraction of the cost charged in Milan or Paris.

Fully mercerised and sanforised, it will stay smooth and beautiful to touch for years to come - shrinkage and ease of care are of the very highest standard.

The yarn consists of a blend of the finest NE 80 and 60 Egyptian long staple cotton intricately woven into a subtle sateen weave.

The stitching is pristine and wonderfully executed.

The 35 cm (14 inches) box depth ensures these sheets fit perfectly on virtually any depth of mattress - fully elasticated all the way around for no chance of slippage.

One can find products of a a similar or higher construction - quality will not however be surpassed..... Safe in the knowledge you will be blown away with this beautiful quality we offer a 100% money back no quibble guarantee.

Customer comments:

Far and away the finest bedlinen I have ever experienced, thank you so much for your help and advice Gordon. J Walters, Jersey.

The luxury of truly high quality bedlinen is a joy to behold. Thank you so much. The sheets and pillowcases complement our mattress topper perfectly. B Jordan, Caterham.

Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Fitted Sheet 76x170x23cm £38.00
Single Fitted Sheet 90x190cm 36x75 inches £40.00
Extra Long Single Fitted Sheet 90x200x35cm £44.00
Small Double/Sofa Bed Fitted Sheet 120x190x35cm £47.00
Double Fitted Sheet 135x190cm 53x75 inches £47.50
King Fitted Sheet 150x200cm 59x78 inches £50.00
European King size Fitted Sheet 160x200x35cm £55.00
Super King Fitted Sheet 180x200cm 72x78 inches £55.00
Extra Long Super King Fitted Sheet 180x213x35cm £62.50
Emperor Fitted Sheet 200x200x35cm 78x78 Inches £57.50
Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x200x35cm 84x78 Inches £60.00
Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x215x35cm £62.00
Single Duvet Cover 135x200cm 53x78 inches £65.00
Extra Long Single Duvet Cover 135x220cm £72.50
Small Double Duvet Cover 160x220cm £80.00
Double Duvet Cover 200x200cm 78x78 inches £78.00
King Size Duvet Cover 230x220cm 90x86 inches £85.00
European King size Duvet Cover 240x220cm £90.00
Super King Size Duvet Cover 260x220cm 102x86 inches £95.00
Extra Long Super King Duvet Cover 260x240cm £100.00
Emperor Duvet Cover 290x235cm 114x92 inches £110.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x75cm 20x30 inches £12.40
Oxford Pillowcase 50x75cm 20x30 inches £20.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x90cm 20x35 Inches £16.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x90cm 20x35 inches £25.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x100cm 20x39 inches £18.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x100cm 20x39 inches £28.00
Continental Housewife Pillowcase 65x65cm £16.00
Continental Oxford Pillowcase 65x65cm £25.00
Single Flat Sheet180x260cm 71x100 inches £46.00
Double Flat Sheet 230x260cm 90x102 inches £57.00
King Flat Sheet 275x275cm 108x108 inches £63.00
Superking Flat 305x275cm 120x108 inches £68.00
Emperor Flat Sheet 355x290cm 140x114 inches £80.00
Ultra Deep King Fitted Sheet 150x200x50cm 59x78 inches £55.00
Ultra Deep Super King Fitted Sheet 180x200x50cm 72x78 inches £60.00
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 200x200x50cm 78x78 Inches £65.00
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x200x50cm 84x78 Inches £67.50
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x215x50cm £70.00
Single Tailored Valance Sheet 90x190x38cm £45.00
Double Tailored Valance Sheet 135x190x38cm £55.00
King Size Tailored Valance Sheet 150x200x38cm £60.00
Super King Size Tailored Valance Sheet 180x200x38cm £65.00
EmperorTailored Valance Sheet 200x200cm £65.00
Emperor Tailored Valance Sheet 215x200cm £69.00
Emperor Tailored Valance Sheet 215x215cm £73.00

Customer Comments

P.Clark Germany

Steve Melville Edinburgh

Ele Marshall Kent

Susie Cotrell Berkshire

Dr Mary Rogan Galway

Dr Mary Rogan Galway

Allan McGregor Ayrshire

Jenni Eden Ruislip

Daniel Wright Hertford Heath, Herts