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Goose Down, Duck Down, Feather Duvets & Pillows

Our specially selected range of natural down and feather duvets include the finest quality products available in the UK market.

Every product sold on our site has been carefully vetted and is sourced from manufacturers with solid reputatio

ns for providing genuine quality and products that provide great value for money.

We believe your duvet should last many years without losing any of its properties. Particularly in the field of down filled duvets and feather filled duvets, quality and price are not always closely linked.

It is with confidence therefore that we issue a no quibble returns policy and a minimum 10 year guarantee on all our down filled duvets, and 5 years for feather & down duvets.

We offer 7 different qualities of natural fillings to choose from, and tog ratings from 2.5 tog to 18 tog.

What is the difference between down and feather fillings?

This is a question we are often asked. Feather duvets are filled using the longer, heavier outer-layer of bird feathers. These feathers serve to help birds fly, to keep them dry, and to provide an outer layer of natural insulation. As outer feathers are typically larger and contain a quill, feather duvets can be heavier than pure down alternatives.

On the other hand, down is a much finer layer of feather beneath the outer feathers. Down is much lighter than feather as it has no quill, and it is spherical in shape. This gives down extremely soft and airy properties - perfect for a duvet.

Down duvet fillings are usually taken from the soft underside (the belly) of a bird. Given that the natural purpose of both feather and down is to effectively regulate a bird's temperature, they make for great duvet fillings.

Their unique properties help to maintain the right temperature throughout the night: allowing for any moisture to easily evaporate whilst retaining warmth.

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