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Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Count Bespoke Linens - Snow White

Hand Stitched in Portugal - Delivery 24 to 48 Hours

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Housewife Pillow Case 50x75cm £12.50
Oxford Pillow Case 50x75cm 7cm Flange £20.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x90cm £25.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x100cm £27.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x150cm £40.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x180cm £50.00
Breakfast Pillowcase 30x40cm £10.00
Duvet Cover 135x220cm 53x86 Inches £57.50
Duvet Cover 150x210cm £58.50
Duvet Cover 160x220cm 63x86 inches £60.00
Duvet Cover 240x220cm 94x86 inches £85.00
Duvet Cover 260x240cm 102x94 inches £95.00
Duvet Cover White 290x235cm 114x92 inches £100.00
Duvet Cover 300x300cm £180.00
Fitted Sheet 75x190cm £32.00
Fitted Sheet 76x200cm £32.00
Fitted Sheet 90x200cm £35.00
Fitted Sheet 90x213cm £35.50
Fitted Sheet 90x220cm £36.00
Fitted Sheet 100x200cm £35.50
Fitted Sheet 107x190cm £35.50
Fitted Sheet 107x200cm £36.00
Fitted Sheet 116x178cm £34.00
Fitted Sheet 120x190cm £37.00
Fitted Sheet 120x200cm £39.00
Fitted Sheet 122x183cm £37.00
Fitted Sheet 140x200cm £40.00
Fitted Sheet 150x230cm £42.50
Fitted Sheets 152x213cm £41.00
Fitted Sheet 160x200cm £45.00
Fitted Sheet 170x200cm £49.00
Fitted Sheet 180x213cm £50.00
Fitted Sheet 190x200cm £51.00
Fitted Sheet 193x203cm 76x80 Inches £52.00
Fitted Sheet 200x200cm £52.00
Fitted Sheet 215x200cm £55.00
Fitted Sheet 215x215cm £58.00
Fitted Sheet 215x229cm £60.00
Fitted Sheet 272x200x30cm £70.00
Fitted Sheet 244x215cm £65.00
Fitted Sheet 234x203cm £62.00
Housewife Pillowcase 70x90cm £25.00

Item Description

Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Count Sateen Bespoke Bed Linen - Colour Purest White

All Sizes Possible - Call for Alternatives on 0800 121 4659.

Indulge in our glorious 520 count percale sheets.

Woven in Europe by Artisan weavers using only the finest soft long staple Egyptian Cotton fibres.

520 threads per square inch is a yardstick for something a little bit special - every part of the production process is done to the very highest standards. Weaving is painfully slow with throughput from the loom around 50 metres per day as every care is taken to produce the very highest quality possible.

The unique care and attention to finishing this fabric means it is as close to 'easy care' as can be achieved through genuine quality as opposed to chemical treatments.

Best practice calendering ensures smoothest of touches whilst the process of sanforisation means your sheets will not shrink as can be the case with inferior bedlinen.

Most importantly, the luxurious cool crisp feel of this bedding as you slip into bed will give the utmost pleasure night after night, year after year.

We challenge you to touch this quality and not be entranced.

We can make any product in any size - if you do not see the exact size or item you require please give us a call on 0800 121 4659 and we can confirm pricing for you.

Fitted sheets shown are 35 cm deep to fit any mattress up to this depth, fully elasticated all around.

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