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Luxury Hotel Quality Duck Feather & Down 15 Tog Duvets

Hand Filled in Scotland

New White Duck Feather & Down Duvets and Pillows - Made in Scotland.

Our best seller in wintertime - exclusively supplied to luxury hotels for that snuggly luxurious feeling..!

Beautifully crafted in Scotland, this snuggly duvet is a terrific buy for a warm and cosy night's sleep. The manufacturer supplies some of the top hotels worldwide with duvets and pillows - we guarantee this duvet for a minimum of 5 years however you can expect a very long lifetime from this quality product.

The filling consists of a superior blend of 30% soft white Duck Down and 70% small Duck Feather - sourced from the Pyrenees and prepared under strict EU guidelines.

The casing is 100% cotton 243 thread count with a fine piped finish. It consists of individual cassette boxes which are filled seperately to ensure an even spread of filling. Each box has special walls which mean the casing is not stitched through and there are no cold spots left over.

With a nice feeling of weight, this duvet moulds itself around your body keeping out the chill and giving a reassuring feeling of comfort.

High quality materials and skill in manufacturing offer a product which we believe is far superior to any others at a similar price level.

Extra warmth for a terrific price!

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