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Siberian 100% White Goose Down Made to Measure Duvets

*Freshly Hand Filled In Scotland*. Order by 3pm Monday to Friday for Next Working Day Delivery.

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

135x220cm 2.5 Tog £155.00
135x220cm 4.5 Tog £178.00
135x220cm 9 Tog £285.00
135x220cm 13.5 Tog £400.00
135x220cm 15 Tog £440.00
135x220cm All Seasons 4.5 and 9 Tog £460.00
160x220cm 2.5 Tog £190.00
160x220cm 4.5 Tog £250.00
160x220cm 9 Tog £430.00
160x220cm 10.5 Tog £480.00
160x220cm 13.5 Tog £585.00
160x220cm 15 Tog £650.00
160x220cm All Seasons 4.5 and 9 Tog £670.00
240x220cm 2.5 Tog £225.00
240x220cm 4.5 Tog £315.00
240x220cm 9 Tog £545.00
240x220cm 10.5 Tog £590.00
240x220cm 13.5 Tog £690.00
240x220cm 15 Tog £770.00
240x220cm All Seasons 4.5 and 9 Tog £830.00
260x240cm 2.5 Tog £255.00
260x240cm 4.5 Tog £360.00
260x240cm 9 Tog £605.00
260x240cm 10.5 Tog £680.00
260x240cm 13.5 Tog £840.00
260x240cm 15 Tog £930.00
260x240cm All Seasons 4.5 and 9 Tog £960.00

Item Description

*Available in Any Size and Any Tog rating - Call for Instant Prices and Ordering*

This Pure Siberian Down Duvet is manufactured in Scotland to the highest standard. The 100% down quality is truly exceptional - available up to 15 togs.

Everything you could wish for in a duvet and will give a lifetime of pleasure (15 year guarantee covers this duvet, with care and attention we would expect your duvet to last much longer).

Siberian Down is known for it's unique properties - we are often asked to explain which quality of pure down is better, for example Canadian, Hungarian or Siberian Down? The answer is that simply being guided by a source or country does not in fact tell us what we need to know - just as Scotch whisky can vary greatly in terms of quality the same applies to quality down fillings.

We consider this quality of Pure Siberian Down to be the very best - only the finest down is used and certified 100% pure Siberian. Additionally, this filling is treated within Europe under strict EU guidelines prior to use in the final manufacturing process.

Exceptionally light, the fill power is approximately 800 meaning that the duvet is naturally lofty and fluffy. With such high quality filling, your duvet will maintain it's attributes for many years.

The casing is a specially sourced 460 thread count cotton cambric - manufactured in Germany to the highest standard the touch is extra soft. Tightly woven with fine yarns, the fabric is both highly down proof and hard wearing. Often the end of a duvet's life is due to wear in the casing - this has been taken into account in sourcing from one of Europe's top weavers (down cambric weaving is highly advanced in Germany - a tradition of top quality down filled duvets ensures the highest standards are met).

The construction of the casing is, as one would expect, to the highest standard - cassette boxes made with baffle walls ensure filling is safely contained and cannot move around the duvet. Cheaper duvets may be stitched through from top to bottom - this leads to 'cold spots' where the top and bottom meet without any filling.
Finally, you can be safe in the knowledge that we offer a no quibble full refund promise should you feel in any way disappointed with your purchase. Hundreds of customers have been told the same thing and we know we are safe in the knowledge you will be thrilled with your duvet (and we do get some very diligent customers who like to do their homework)! Customers who appreciate the benefits of a high quality pure down duvet know what they are looking for and this duvet meets with every expectation.

Produced by a long established Scottish manufacturer specialised in meeting the demands of high quality hotels and retailers - no fancy boxes, brochures and so on. Your duvet is simply derived from outstanding materials, workmanship and offers terrific value for money.

Available in any tog combination, favourites are 4.5 Tog, 10.5 Togs, 13.5 Tog and super warm 15 to.

Four Seasons Combinations are a terrific option to ensure you have the perfect duvet for all times of year. Popular choices are 7.5 and 3 Togs, 9.0 and 4.5 Togs, and 10.5 and 4.5 Togs.

The choice is yours - simply call for prices on any other combinations as we can offer any tog rating you may prefer.

Care Instructions: Included with your duvet, can be machine washed and we recommend leaving your duvet to a professional laundrette to ensure correct washing and crucially, drying.
Here are some comments from customers who purchased this remarkable duvet:

We have finally found the ultimate duvet and pillow. May I thank you for your perfect advice, the products are every bit as good as described. Lesley Whitaker, Somerset.

Just wanted you to know I am loving my beautiful duvet. It is so light I fear it might float straight off the bed. Unbelievable. Warm and toasty and a very happy customer.I hope you haven't had to much snow? Thanks again. Lesley Adams, Honiton

It arrived on Monday, and has been a joy to use. Thanks very much for your prompt attention to my order. Robert L. Taylor, Sale.

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