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Made to Measure Mattress Toppers Hotel Luxury Quality

Hand Filled in Scotland

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

200cm x 200cm 78x78 inches £245.00
213cm x 200cm 78x84 inches £260.00
213cm x 213cm 84x84 inches £275.00

Item Description

Made to Measure Mattress Toppers - Choice of 2 non-standard mattress topper sizes.

A favourite choice of topper for top class hotels throughout the UK and beyond for many years, we are delighted to have the possibility to introduce it to our range on an exclusive basis!

So what is the secret of that wonderful deep cosy night's sleep experienced in your hotel bed?

The answer lies in the selection of the filling 'ingredients' - a careful blend of 30% pure high loft European duck down mixed with 70% small soft European duck feathers.

This superior quality filling makes for a perfect blend of soft, supportive comfort.

The hotel mattress topper instantly feels just right - customers who have tried it to date have been positively gushing when asked for feedback.

Feather is great for providing support in a topper - provided the quality is good and concentration not too high (otherwise we can feel the quills through the casing) Duck feather, being smaller than goose, is also preferable.

The high quality casing is also built to last as you would expect with any product sourced for use in hotels.

Finally, these toppers are carefully hand made in Scotland bringing you a real 'Rolls Royce' of a topper which offers outstanding value for money.

For peace of mind, the high quality European filling is processed in accordance with EU regulations.

Finally, A Warning:

Enjoy this ultra deep 3 inch pocketed mattress topper at your peril - it may become very difficult to get up in the morning!

Wash Instructions - mattress toppers are not machine washable (any supplier who advises otherwise is misleading you). We do supply mattress topper protectors which can be removed and washed at home however - for prices please call 0800 121 4659.

Customer Comments:

Just wanted to let you know that the mattress toppers arrived exactly when you said they would and they are just great, we love them!

Thanks for your kind help and fabulous service!

Warm regards,

Georgia Bell

Every bit as good as promised Gordon, we are both delighted. S James, Croydon.

Customer Comments

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