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Pure Egyptian Cotton 520 Count Delicate Ivory Emperor Linens

Hand Stitched in Portugal - Delivery 24 to 48 Hours

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Duvet Cover 290x235cm approx 114 Inches x 92 inches £110.00
Flat Sheet 355x295cm £80.00
Fitted Sheet 180x213cm 6 ft x 7ft £62.50
Fitted Sheet 200x200x35cm 6 ft 6 inches x 6 ft 6 inches £57.50
Ultra Deep Fitted Sheet 200x200x50cm 6 ft 6 inches x 6 ft 6 inches £62.50
Fitted Sheet 215x200x35cm 7 ft x 6 ft 6 inches £60.00
Ultra Deep Fitted Sheet 215x200x50cm 7 ft x 6 ft 6 inches £65.00
Fitted Sheet 215x215x35cm 7 ft x 7ft £62.00
Ultra Deep Fitted Sheet 215x215x50cm 7 ft x 7ft £67.00
Fitted Sheet 213x229cm 7 ft x 7ft 6 inches £60.00
Oxford Pillow Case 50x75cm 7cm Flange 20 x 30 inches £20.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x90cm 7cm Flange 20 x 35 inches £25.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x100cm 7cm Flange 20 x 39 inches £27.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x75cm 20 x 30 inches £12.50
Housewife Pillowcase 50x90cm 20 x 35 inches £16.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x100cm 20 x 39 inches £17.00
Tailored Valance 200x200cm 6 ft 6 inches x 6 ft 6 inches £60.00
Tailored Valance 215x200cm 7 ft x 6 ft 6 inches £65.00
Tailored Valance 215x215cm 7ft x 7ft £68.00

Item Description

Egyptian Cotton 520 Count Emperor Sized Linen - Colour Finest Delicate Ivory

The very best in bedlinen woven by artisan manufacturers in Europe using the highest quality Pure Egyptian long stable fibre.

Fibres are spun into ultra fine NE 80 and NE 60 yarns before being carefully combed and refined - thereafter they are woven into a delicate sateen weave which comprises 520 thread per square inch.

Normally supplied to top boutique hotels and exclusive brands worldwide, we are thrilled to be able offer this sumptuous quality made to exacting standards only in Europe.

The fabric is mercerised to give the most wonderful touch and enhance it's easy to care for properties. It is then sanforised to ensure you will not be troubled with shrinkage when washing your new linens.

Fitted sheets are made extra deep to fit mattresses up to 35cm deep - should you wish a different depth please let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Please contact us for prices on any bedding requirements - bespoke manufacture is not a problem for all products and sizes and we can offer the very finest of qualities.

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Dr Mary Rogan Galway

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