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Dacron Comforel Single Duvets

Hand Filled in Scotland

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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

2.5 Tog £50.90
3 Tog £51.55
4.5 Tog £53.30
6 Tog £55.10
7.5 Tog £56.90
9 Tog £58.70
10.5 Tog £60.50
12 Tog £62.30
13.5 Tog £64.00
15 Tog £65.90
18 Tog £70.00
All Seasons (3 + 7 Tog) £110.00
All Seasons (4.5 + 9 Tog) £112.00
All Seasons (4.5 + 10.5 Tog) £113.80

Item Description

Possibly the best synthetic duvet on the market. Dacron Comforel is a fibre with huge insulating properties which is manufactured in a curled ball shape.

The filling closely matches the feel of finest gathers in soft clusters which give a lovely cosy feeling to your duvet.

Hand filled in Scotland, the outer casing is a beautiful 243 Thread Count cotton percale. This fibre duvet is produced in exactly the same way as a top of the range down duvet with individual pockets holding the filling. These are separated with internal walls to ensure no cold spots develop. The duvet is finished with a high spec twin needle stitch edging to ensure it will keep it's integrity for many years to come.

In terms of care, Dacron Comforel has an edge over other fibre products - it is also known as Superwash when sold into the Hotel industry. The ball shaped fibre ensures clumping is not a problem.

Dacron fibres can only be supplied by registered manufacturers who are bound to adhere to strict guidelines governing every aspect of the finished product. Each duvet has it's own individual number which ensures quality control is traceable.

Available in a wide range of tog ratings - 2.5, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5 , 15 togs plus 3 all seasons options: 3 and 7, 4.5 and 9 and 4.5 and 10.5 tog combinations.

Size: 135x200cm (54x78 inches approx)

Machine washable, Tumble Dry.

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