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Single 18 Tog £70.00
Double 18 Tog £95.00
King 18 Tog £110.00
Super King 18Tog £130.00

Item Description


Dacron Comforel is Unique! - Beautifully crafted in Scotland, this snug duvet is a terrific buy for a warm and cosy night's sleep. The manufacturer supplies some of the top hotels worldwide with duvets and pillows - we guarantee this duvet for a minimum of 5 years. Indeed many high class hotels select Comforel for their pillows due it's exceptional quality which means it retains it's shape and characteristics far longer than cheaper alternatives.

Possibly the best synthetic duvet on the market. Dacron Comforel is a fibre with huge insulating properties which is manufactured in a curled ball shape.

Originally developed by Dupont it sits at the top of the world leading Dacron family of fibres - exceptionally light, soft, and possessing superior properties of insulation. The end effect is a high quality duvet which drapes like quality down and should literally last a lifetime......

Duvets manufactured using the Dacron name have to adhere to strict guidelines in terms of the stitching, materials used and process of manufacture. Only select manufacturers have the certification which permits them to use Dacron fillings and each product has an individually numbered label which allows for full traceability - your guarantee of quality!

The duvet is manufactured using the same production process as for Goose Down duvets - the filling is blown into each compartment of the duvet. This gives a wonderful lofty product with cassette box construction - quite different to other fibre duvets.

The casing is 100% cotton cambric 243 thread count with a fine piped finish. It consists of individual cassette boxes which are filled separately to ensure an even spread of filling. Each box has special walls which mean the casing is not stitched through and there are no cold spots left over.

With a nice light airy feel, this duvet moulds itself around your body keeping out the chill and giving a reassuring feeling of comfort.

A genuine investment in quality, experience the pleasure of a superior duvet this winter!

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S.Newton Northampton