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Dacron Climarelle Cool TM Temperature Regulating Bedding

Dacron Climarelle TM Duvets Pillows and Mattress Protectors Call Free Phone 0800 121 4659 for product information.


Overheating in bed is a common problem - if a new memory foam mattress is hot or you are suffering night swe

ats due to menopause or medical reasons,

New Climarelle Cool is our recommended solution. A better night\'s sleep has so many benefits it is difficult to start to list them all - our minds are more alert, we look and feel healthier, we are more energised for work and pleasure. Indeed, our relationships with those closest to us can be significantly enhanced.

Dacron Climarelle TM bedding is the result of development by Dupont de Nemours SA, one of the world\'s leading companies in fibre technology. We have supplied women with this wonderful solution over the past few years with wonderful results. So much so, that we have the confidence to offer a full money back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

What is Climarelle Cool? How does it work? Scientific research inspired by NASA technology has led to the creation of a completely new sleep system which actively helps regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep.

Climarelle Cool TM duvets, pillows and mattress protectors feature a layer of revolutionary microencapsulated fibres that draw heat away from the body when your temperature rises, providing a gentle cooling effect. The excess heat is stored in the fibres and will remain so unless your body temperature drops below regular levels. At this point the fibres release the stored heat and bring your body temperature back to a comfortable sleeping temperature. Your body will remain at a more comfortable temperature through the night reducing sweats, tossing and turning, adding or removing bedding accordingly.

The duvet filling consists of high tech Dacron Suprelle Fresh fibres blended with Tencel. These serve to assist with moisture and ensuring it does not stay in your bedding. Can Climarelle help me? Climarelle products are suitable for everybody - you may be affected by extreme swings in temperature through the night, or you may simply be looking to improve the quality of your sleep.

The benefits can extend to many people - from those suffering hot flushes caused by the menopause as mentioned above,to pregnant women or sufferers of reduced mobility. Remaining more comfortable and restful in bed can be hugely beneficial. It is important also to keep in mind that everyone can benefit from a better night\'s sleep - not just those suffering with acute problems. Furthermore, many of our customers use Climarelle mattress protectors to reduce overheating caused by either memory foam or new very high quality mattresses.

About the products. You will find the general quality a pleasure - indeed the finest materials have been used to ensure you will not only benefit from the unique temperature control system but also from having beautiful bedding of the very highest quality.

The duvet is not too heavy but with sufficiant body to give a nice drape around your body.

The mattress protector is quilted with approximately one inch of filling to give comfort and support.

The pillow is of medium firmness, a terrific pillow in it\'s own right.

Origins of Climarelle TM The Climarelle TM brand was originally introduced to the UK market by Dupont SA. The Dacron brand and range of high tech fillings was subsequently acquired by Advansa SA (for further information please do check on the Advansa website). You have the security of knowing that this technology has been developed by some of the very best manufacturers in the world. Each product requires to be manufactured in line with strict guidelines laid down by the manufacturers - they are labelled with a unique reference number which assists in product quality control.

Recommendations for use . The manufacturers recommend use of the complete set of duvet, mattress protector and pillow to maximise the Climarelle effect.

What should I use with my Climarelle products? Duvet covers and pillowcases are perfectly fine to use. For customers looking for further help in temperature control through the night ,we can suggest using linens from our Coolmax ranges. Dacron Coolmax actively wicks away perspiration to keep you dry through the night and is available in the form of fitted sheets, duvet protectors and pillowcases.

Should you have any questions concerning Climarelle bedding please do call us - we have been proud to help many customers over the past three years.

Are Climarelle products washable? Yes, the products can all be washed to 60 degrees. As with any filled bedding we would suggest one tries to keep washing to a minimum and use of a professional laundrette.

What is the Duvet Tog Rating? The duvet has not been allocated a specific rating - we estimate it probably lies somewhere around a 2.5/4.0 Tog filling based on the weight in comparison to other Dacron products we sell. It is designed to meet the needs of most people and over the years customers have found it to be an ideal weight.

Can I have a Different Filling? For the first time, we are happy to confirm that the option exists to change the filling in either the Climarelle duvets or pillows. If you would prefer a Siberian or Hungarian Goose Down filling for example, we can arrange this. Indeed a wide range of options are available including Comforel Allerban for acute allergy suffers.

Should you wish delivery on a Saturday this can be arranged, please add a comment on your order in the relevant space. Western Isles, Highlands & Islands -there is no extra charge for shipping. Delivery may take 3-5 days however.

Finally, Our Unique Guarantee: We have led the way in online sales of Climarelle TM and based on this experience we are happy to offer a full refund should you wish to return your Climarelle bedding.

Below - What the manufacturers say about Climarelle for your reference: What makes Climarelle? so different? Balanced sleeping temperature: Thermoregulating Climarelle? microcapsules store warmth actively and release it when necessary, providing you a balanced sleeping temperature all night long.

Lightness: The filling fibre of this product is a combination of very fine and light fibres for maximum comfort with minimum weight.

Softness: Soft and comfortable bedding, which gives you the feeling of sleeping wrapped in a cosy nest. Superior comfort: The fibres of your duvet or pillow filling have been strictly selected and controlled to provide optimum and long lasting comfort.

Restfull sleep: Climarelle contains fine and light fibres and hightech soft stretch liner with integrated Climarelle microcapsules. By balancing your body temperature variations, this combination helps to provide an optimised individual sleeping climate and gives you a restful sleep. Machine washable:

This product can be machine washed and dried. See manufacturer\'s care instructions.

Quality: This bedding product carries a numbered brand label. The exclusive number certifies that the product has been manufactured under licence and meets strict Dacron quality standards.

Climarelle is a trademark of ADVANSA C and Comfortemp are trademarks or registered trademarks of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany


Gordon, just to say thank you for the way you dealt with my enquiries with patience and knowledge. The Climarelle bedding is in a class of it\'s own, I felt that it\'s slim profile would be detramental but I could not have been more wrong. It is superb quality, in a luxury class. You ladies of a certain age out there, here is your saviour. incidentally my husband is sleeping better too.

Thanks Gordon, you should be bottled and prescribed on the NHS.

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