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Dacron Comforel Allerban 15.0 Tog King Duvets

Hand Filled in Scotland

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15 Tog £102.00
All Seasons (4.5 + 10.5 Tog) £155.00

Item Description

Anti-dust mite*, anti-bacterial**, anti-fungal*:

Dustmite generated allergens are associated with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

An important addition to the fibre filling is Allerban, an active ingredient which prevents the build up of dust mites*, fungi* and bacteria**. the effectiveness of Allerban® has been tested by independent laboratories ( IFtH – France and Namsa – USA ).

High technology filling fibres ensure your duvestore pillow will last a long time and maintains its original appearance.

Quality: Each bedding product filled with Dacron® branded fibres carries a numbered brand label. This exclusive number certifies that the product has been manufactured under licence and meets strict Dacron® quality standards.

Adjustable Support: the thousands of Comforel® cluster-fibres in this pillow mould perfectly to the shape of your head and neck, adjusting to your movements to give the right level of support all night long.

Retains Shape: Comforel® cluster-fibres have been designed to resist crushing and matting: your pillow will keep its initial shape for a long time.

The Comforel® filling is made from tiny cluster-fibres that can be re fluffed easily, just like feather.

Machine Washable: this product can be machine washed and dried.
See manufacturer's care instructions.

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