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Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Standard Pillow £32.50
Pillow Pair £58.50
50x90cm £39.00
50x100cm £44.00

Item Description

Single pillow with beautiful satin piped edge (see image). The Climarelle pillow is a beautiful plump and comfortable pillow - what we love about this range is the fact each product is made to the very highest standard and would make a wonderful purchase in it's own right.

Manufacturers RRP 40.00.

The outer casing is made form 100% cotton and filled with luxurious non-allergenic fibres. Ensure you sleep with the printed fabric side towards you - this is the side which contains the special Climarelle membrane.

The pillow is an important element in the effectiveness of the Climarelle system - the manufacturers recommend use of the complete Climarelle system to gain maximum benefit.

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