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100% Pure Egyptian Cotton 300 Thread Count Percale Snow White Matt Finish Bedlinen

Hand Stitched in Portugal - Delivery 24 to 48 Hours

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Item Description

Enjoy the finest Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen woven to a traditional Percale finish - ideal for those who prefer a crisper less silky touch.

Woven with 300 threads per square inch using fine Ne 60 yarns the result is a highly luxurious smooth finish.

This fabric is produced exclusively in Portugal for The Duvet Store and

Product Options

Please see below for the range of product options available:

Single Fitted Sheet 90x190cm 36x75 inches £30.00
Double Fitted Sheet 135x190cm 53x75 inches £35.00
King Fitted Sheet 150x200cm 59x78 inches £40.00
Super King Fitted Sheet 180x200cm 72x78 inches £45.00
Emperor Fitted Sheet 200x200x35cm 78x78 Inches £48.00
Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x200x35cm 84x78 Inches £50.00
Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x215x35cm 84x84 Inches £52.00
Single Duvet Cover 135x200cm 53x78 inches £40.00
Extra Long Single Duvet Cover 135x220cm £45.00
Small Double Duvet Cover 160x220cm £50.00
Double Duvet Cover 200x200cm 78x78 inches £60.00
King Size Duvet Cover 230x220cm 90x86 inches £70.00
Super King Size Duvet Cover 260x220cm 102x86 inches £75.00
Emperor Duvet Cover 290x235cm 114x92 inches £90.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x75cm 20x30 inches £10.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x75cm 20x30 inches £15.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x90cm 20x35 Inches £12.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x90cm 20x35 inches £18.00
Housewife Pillowcase 50x100cm 20x39 inches £13.00
Oxford Pillowcase 50x100cm 20x39 inches £20.00
Continental Housewife Pillowcase 65x65cm £12.00
Continental Oxford Pillowcase 65x65cm £18.00
Single Flat Sheet180x260cm 71x100 inches £32.00
Double Flat Sheet 230x260cm 90x102 inches £40.00
King Flat Sheet 275x275cm 108x108 inches £45.00
Superking Flat 305x275cm 120x108 inches £50.00
Emperor Flat Sheet 355x290cm £60.00
Ultra Deep King Fitted Sheet 150x200x50cm 59x78 inches £47.50
Ultra Deep Super King Fitted Sheet 180x200x50cm 72x78 inches £52.00
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 200x200x50cm 78x78 Inches £55.00
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x200x50cm 84x78 Inches £59.00
Ultra Deep Emperor Fitted Sheet 215x215x50cm £62.00
Single Tailored Valance Sheet 90x190x38cm £40.00
Double Tailored Valance Sheet 135x190x38cm £43.00
King Size Tailored Valance Sheet 150x200x38cm £45.00
Super King Size Tailored Valance Sheet 180x200x38cm £47.00
EmperorTailored Valance Sheet 200x200x38cm £48.00
Emperor Tailored Valance Sheet 215x200x38cm £49.00
Emperor Tailored Valance Sheet 215x215cm £50.00

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