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European White Goose Down Summer Weight Single Duvets - 70% Down

Hand Filled in Scotland

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2.5 Tog £60.00

Item Description

European White Goose Down Duvet 2.5 Tog and 4.5 Tog Single Duvets - our best selling summer duvet manufactured with a unique special casing designed specifically for a lightweight duvet.

The art of a genuine low tog duvet is relatively complex...

Double the number of cassette box pockets compared with regular down filled duvets are used.

Each pocket is filled with a tiny amount of down(approx 5 grammes!). The machinery required to manufacture such products is of a far higher specification than that used for standard duvets as there is no margin for error.

Unlike other products available, the high thread count down proof casing is not stitched through - mini baffle walls serve to keep the filling in place without compromising the integrity of the duvet (stitching from top to bottom is far cheaper but leads to cold spots).

The result is a beautiful even spread of light natural down.

Finally, the casing is finished off with the finest piped edge.

The quality of filling is amongst the very finest available - New White European Down is wonderfully light and soft to the touch. Sourced from the Pyrenees the fill power is in excess of 650 - with a minimum 70% high loft pure down the quality is exceptional.

All fillings are processed according to strict EU regulations - this means the filling is washed a minimum of 8 times. Most cheaper down filled products are imported directly from the Far East where different standards and legislation applies.

Finally, the product is hand filled in Scotland - with over twenty years specialised in manufacturing down filled duvets and pillows at the top end of the market you can be assured of a beautifully finished high quality product.

A genuine summer weight duvet you will enjoy for many years to come.

Guaranteed for 10 years.

Size: 135x200cm (54x78 inches).

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