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100% Pure European White Duck Down Duvets

Our duck down duvets are hand filled in Scotland

Possibly the most exciting product we have found to date - in terms of sheer quality this European duck down filling is exceptional.

Sourced from the cleanest mountain environment in Europe, the response to this product within the luxury hotel industry has been astonishing. And these guys know a thing or two about genuine quality and value for money.

Duck down is a brilliant natural insulator. Through a duck's life cycle, the main purpose of the down is to keep a duck warm throughout winter, but then cool during in the summer. These properties make for a duvet that is warm and soft, yet breathable at the same time - allowing for moisture to pass through the lofty structure, ensuring that you have perfect, comfortable sleeping conditions.

The quality of our duck down duvets means that they retain their loft and warmth for many years if well cared for, making these products a worthwhile long-term investment.

Customer Comments

A.Wood Devon

L.Noblett Cambridge

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Yvonne Robertson Berkshire

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Alan Doyle Dublin

D Gautier hampshire

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Sandra Trimbee Halesowen

Elliott Boyle Perth Scotland

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