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2.5 Tog £137.50
3 Tog £150.00
4.5 Tog £170.00

Item Description

This Pure Duck Down Super King Size Duvet in 100% European Pure High Loft is one of the most exciting new duvets introduced this year - in terms of sheer quality the duck down filling is absolutely exceptional. Sourced from one of the finest mountain environments in Europe, the Pyrenees.

The response to this new collection from our customers in the luxury hotel industry has been astonishing.The fill power of the pure duck down is a remarkable 750 - this means the filling in your duvet is soft, light, and incredibly lofty.

Manufactured in Scotland to the highest standards, this is a beautiful duvet which will give a lifetime of pleasure and carries a full 10 year guarantee.

For many in the trade, a natural duvet should only be made with pure down.You are assured of two vital factors in terms of filling which contribute to a duvet which is not comparable: firstly, the absence of any feather content and secondly, and secondly the assurance that only the very best quality of down is used.

Our duvets are manufactured to the highest specification- a Down proof 100% Cotton Cambric 300 thread count casing contains individual cassette box pockets. These ensure the filling cannot move around. Each pocket is separated with baffle walls to contain the filling - not stitched through from top to bottom to ensure cold spots are avoided.

As with all products purchased from you are covered by our no quibble returns policy.

Size: 260x220cm

Machine wash, tumble dry.

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